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Why Consider MVMT Watches as a Stocking Stuffer for the Holidays

If you haven’t heard of MVMT as a watch, then check out our comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect MVMT watch for you and your loved ones. It’s a fine gift for anyone considering a watch as a gift for the holidays. Moreover, if you shop during the Black Holidays season, you’ll even get an additional 20% off sitewide, and with free returns, it’s a no brainer to try out.

The history of MVMT stems from a very successful crowdfunding campaign, in which they raised over $200K from about 3,000 backers. The founders Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante set out to create an online-first brand. Hence, as much as we’d love to carry MVMT at our store, we haven’t been able to because MVMT can only be bought online. They wanted to break the age-old model: the manufacturer creates the watch, and then a retailer carries the watch where the consumer can purchase it.

The MVMT model is about cutting the middle man, and selling quality models straight to the consumer.

What makes the MVMT a quality watch:

  • Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz – The finest watches in the world operate either in the Swiss model or in the Japanese version. In order to break the Swiss stranglehold in the watch manufacturing industry, the Japanese led by Seiko began creating a new style of watch in the 1960s. Slowly but surely their standard for watchmaking became world renowned and now the Japanese standard are considered among the best in the world. Long story short – MVMT uses a Japanese standard that is considered among the best in the industry.
  • Glass made from hardened mineral crystal.
  • Leather straps made from cow hide.

Now most watch aficionados will say that the quality of the watch should be judged on the actual weight of the watch. The thinking is the heavier the watch – the better the construction materials. Although most MVMT watches are not heavy on the wrists, they are not made from “cheap” stuff. In fact, the leather strap is of decent quality, and this decision by MVMT makes it an elegant design.

MVMT is not meant to compete with the Philippe Pateks of the world. It’s priced to compete with the $100-300 price range, which is in the same category as the Seiko, Citizen, Sturhling and Invicta brands.

It’s simple yet elegant design means that it’s a watch you can pair with anything. It’s nice enough to wear to work and at the same time, it’s fine enough to wear over the weekends. Take a look at their MVMT 40 Series with the brown strap and the gold linings. This would work well with a traditional navy blue blazer and khakis for a casual dinner date or family gathering affair.

Moreover, the straps are replaceable. Going back to the 40 Series, you can select a brown strap or a black strap. You can even select a mesh style or a steel band. The ability and flexibility of the MVMT watch is one of the main reasons it’s a good brand to add to your collection.

Watches are meant to complement and not overpower your wardrobe. Hence, the choice of the strap on the watch are one of the important choices you’ll make in order to build a wardrobe.

What about women’s watches?

MVMT also makes some fine women’s watches. Take a look at their Signature Silver Arctic Leather Women’s Watch. We love that cool, suave bluish strap with the elegant silver head finish. This minimalist watch is water resistant, which means you could actually go skiing with this watch. Also, the color reminds us of a nice spring day or summer day. This could be something one could pair with a lightly colored dress, while going out sailing or having champagne and strawberries, while watching a polo game at the country club. Point is – it’s a watch for many occasions whether it’s a fine lunch with the hubby or the ladies or for skiing on the Aspen slopes.

Finally, what makes the MVMT a perfect stocking stuffer? It’s the fact you can stuff it inside an actual sock by the fireplace. It comes with a nice box and a full refund policy (for purchases over $50) within 60 days of delivery. Let’s face it. In the holidays, some people might not like their gifts. In fact, it’s been said the day after New Year is the second biggest shopping event of the year because of the mad rush for returns and replacements of gifts.

With a 60-day guarantee, you can get an MVMT watch and still return it after the Holiday season. Since everything is done online, you can just send the watch back to MVMT and they’ll process the transaction. There would be no waits and battling other shoppers for space on the Customer Help desk.

The MVMT is a fine option for a Holiday gift. There are many different choices to choose from whether it’s men’s or women’s MVMT watches. For detailed reviews on individual MVMT watches, check out our online store and reviews site. Have a safe shopping season and keep checking this blog for more updates on shopping for watches.

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Why Consider MVMT Watches as a Stocking Stuffer for the Holidays
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